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IF YOU ...

  • are interested in how books are made
  • want to learn how to repair old books
  • want to make your own unique books
  • would like to explore contemporary materials and ideas for binding books
  • want to explore the historical development of books from different periods
    — how books were made
    — what materials were used
    — how books were decorated

Then join us at the Rawlins Bookbinding Class

Our Bookbinding Class is based at Rawlins Community College in Quorn, Leicestershire and has been going for over 40 years, taught for all that time by the same tutor.

For most of its existence the Class was Local Authority funded, organised by  the Community College. But now the Class has become a cooperative venture run by its members, although still based in Rawlins College.

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Meetings are held on a weekly basis over 3 terms, matching Rawlins College terms. During term-time, meeting are held on a mixture of Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. This mixed arrangement has proven popular with members. The week-by-week timetable is published well in advance and is available on this website.

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