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Some of our work is best illustrated by considering individual project work.

A Family Bible

One of our newest members has recently renovated a family bible.

Renovating a family bible is something several of us have done. It is a very satisfying activity and an excellent learning experience because such bibles are often in a poor state and a lot of attention is required to different aspects of the binding.

This example was particularly challenging because the metal clasps needed repair. Fortunately one of our other members was able to do this.

Archiving a large collection

One of our members has a particular interest in RAF memorabilia and has made great effort to bind several sets  of documents in his collection.

This entailed:

  • creating the design for the book series
  • obtaining plates for the book decoration, working with another member to create the computer graphics for the plate-maker
  • collating the books and making the book-blocks
  • making covers to fit each of the book-blocks
  • undertaking the painstaking task of gold-blocking each cover in the series
  • assembling each collection

And here is the outcome...

John new collection copy