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Making a slip case and a drop-back box

slip case

Some books, especially precious or fragile books and collections, can be kept in containers made for their protection. This one-day workshop will instruct participants in the methods and procedures needed to make 2 types of container:

          • A slip case and
          • A drop-back box



Workshop title: Making a slip case and a drop-back box.

Date:                        5th March, 2022

Venue:                     Rawlins College, Quorn, Leics

Times:                     10.00 to 16.00

Tutor:                      Nick Wells

Cost:                        £45 for the day*

What to bring:      Just bring your own lunch.

  • includes tuition, materials, written instructions and light refreshments.


Workshop programme:

  • You will be provided with all the materials required to make both a slip case and a drop-back box.
  • All materials will be pre-cut to ensure that both projects are completed by each participants within the day.
  • You will be provided with all the tools needed for use during the day. You will also be provided with the necessary adhesives to complete your project.
  • You will be a given a comprehensive set of notes, setting out the procedures you will be following during the workshop and which you can use afterwards for your own projects for your own books.

To reserve a place on this workshop:

  • Bookings are now being taken for this event.
  • Please email us at


  • We will provide you with details of how to pay and reserve your place on the workshop.

Please Note:

  • All participants will be making their cases and boxes to the same dimensions. There will be no opportunity to vary the sizes of individual items, because that would involve individual cutting and greater demand for the tutor to work with individuals. It would prevent everyone completing their tasks within the day.
  • However, you should note that the workshop is designed to enable you to take away the necessary skills and, with the aid of the written procedures provided, complete your own projects with confidence in your own time.
multiple slip case